(The Grammar Champs aged 7 to 14)

The grammar lessons are made interesting with colour code and actions, which brings the most complex linguistic concepts in the simplest form to develop competent students from class II - class VII to help them improve the clarity and quality of writing. The Learning Objectives are...

  • Systematic teaching of spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary with step-by-step lesson plan
  • Expertise in 8 parts of speech - Noun, Verb, Pronoun, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection
  • Using colours and actions to help children identify parts of speech in sentences
  • Enhances and improves children's spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Enables children to develp accuracy and expression in their writing
  • Packed with fun games and activities to teach essential grammar concepts like
    • - Active / Passive voice,
    • - Direct / Indirect speech,
    • - Comparatives / Superlatives,
    • - Suffixes / Prefixes,
    • - Homophones,
    • - Speech marks, etc,..
  • Continues to revise and extend children's phonic knowledge